Gold Needling (Fractional Microneedling)

Gold Needling (Fractional Microneedling)

Radio-frequency method, which is a reliable method used for many years in both aesthetic and other fields of medicine; demonstrated various progress with the development of technology. In the Fractional Gold Needling radio-frequency method, the shot is injected directly to the subcutaneous tissues through golden needles, and given to the targeted area. In Gold Needling RF application, when head of the radio frequency device with the gold needling is contacted with the skin, micro needles automatically make a sudden entry into the skin at the adjusted depth. Fractional micro-holes on the skin are formed by a large number of gold-tipped micro pins; and with radio-frequency, non-touching the skin, only sent from the needle tip, while collagen and elastin production is triggered, potential thermal damage is not given to the epidermis and superficial skin layers. The aim is to deliver the highest energy that can be given directly under the skin without damaging it. Eyelid and its surroundings, are the most active region in terms of facial expressions of our face. Since this region has a thin tissue, and an active muscle layer just below the skin; during each mimic movement (as well as exposure to the sun, aging, etc.), also causes scratches on the skin over the muscle that’s twitching such as accordion. Over time, these lines become permanent wrinkles. Some people may have wrinkles even at a young age, because their skin is light and very thin.
What is the Gold Needling Radio Frequency Used for?
. Skin rejuvenation and wrinkle treatment,
. Remodelling neck and decollete (low neck) region,
. Scar treatmen,
. Acne scar treatment,
. Stretch marks treatment,
. Treatment of sagging at arm and legs,
. Pore Tightening,
. Active acne treatment,
. Treatment of hyperhidrosis excessive sweating
Gold needling radio-frequency treatment is frequently used especially on the face to treat wrinkles; forehead, eyebrow, eye area, upper lip, and cheeks. There is also an effect of radio-frequency, which causes tension on the face, and tightens sagging. Gold needling method is a highly effective treatment for remodelling wrinkles and sagging in neck and low neck region. Especially, as they are made directly into the scars, they are highly effective, and making the scars better, more acceptable. One of the most frequently used areas of the gold needling radio-frequency method, is the treatment of the acne scars in the face. These traces shrink in diameter, their depth decreases, the deep acne scars lighten, the light ones pass, the pores shrink, the skin becomes more vivid and clear. Combined use of fractional laser for this purpose increases the efficiency of the treatment.
Since there is some kind of trail in stretch marks, the radio frequency is very successful in the treatment of skin and subcutaneous tears. It is not possible for the stretch marks to completely disappear, but it can be recovered, the color is improved, the stretch marks are narrowed in diameter; the skin becomes smoother and the visibility of the stretch marks is reduced. Stretch marks treatment, if desired, is also combined with fractional carbon dioxide laser.
Especially, gold needling RF is used successfully in the treatment of skin sagging and loosening caused by weight gain or loss. It can be applied to the inner surfaces of the arms, the inner legs. The application is made in an extremely comfortable way. 3 sessions are required, with 1 month interval. After an average of 1 month, you will see that your skin is tightening and your sagging is decreasing in the arm and leg region. Thus, loosening and sagging under and in the skin will be minimized without surgery. Except radio frequency, there is also no other treatment that can successfully tighten the skin in these areas without surgery.
Another area of gold needling radio-frequency treatment is used, is treatment of armpit excessive sweating. In this application, radio-frequency permanently destroys sweat glands, and sweat release from this area stops. In this treatment, the results are permanent as sweat glands are indelibly reduced.
The most important feature of gold needling RF application, is the absence of redness, scaling and peeling experienced in fractional laser, The patient will have a slight pinkness for 3-5 hours, pinkishness will be completely back to normal at the end of this period. Therefore, it is a kind of treatment that does not restrict the daily life of the patient. There will be a vague edema after the application, which will be passed soon.
The most important advantage of this treatment is that it can be done in summer, does not generate redness, peeling, side effects. Therefore, there is no need to take a break in the summer period. It can also be combined with other treatments.

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