Eyelid Aesthetics

Eyelid Aesthetics

What is eyelid aesthetics?
It is a surgical operation intended to treat the sagged and wrinkled upper eyelid and loosened and bagged lower eyelid due to ageing and gravity.
during this operation, the excessive skin on the upper lid is removed, the looseness of the lower eyelid is fixed and the fat tissues referred to as “bags” are reshaped. Consequently; patients are relieved from their tired and sleepless appearance and they gain a fresher and lively look.

Who undergoes eyelid operation?
This operation is usually performed on patients over the age of thirty, with excessive skin on their upper eyelids and/or bags under their eyes.

What should be done prior to surgery?
As in all plastic surgeries, the patient should quit smoking minimum two weeks prior to the operation and should also avoid smoking for two weeks after the operation. Anticoagulant drugs, such as Aspirin etc. should be quitted minimum 10 days before the operation. The patient should discontinue any other medication or dietary supplement (medication that include Ginseng, CoQ, Gingko Bloba etc.) 1 week before the surgery. The patient should also disclose any other significant condition to their surgeon.

What is the surgery technique? 
The incision on the upper eyelid is applied in line with the eyelid curve, and the one on the lower eyelid is applied just below the eyelashes or sometimes inside the eyelids. Excessive skin is removed, fat tissues are reshaped and the area between the eyelid and cheek is smoothened. The operation usually takes 45 minutes to 1 hour on average.

What to expect after the eyelid surgery:
Patients can be released from the hospital on the operation day or they might be hospitalized for 1 night. There might be slight bruising and swelling around the eyes. Sutures are usually removed between the 5th-7th days. Bruising and swelling should be gone after 1 week and patients can resume their works then.

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