Anti-ageing Vaccination

Anti-ageing Vaccination

Anti-aging vaccination, is the treatment applied in the removal of deformations, sags and wrinkles in the skin of people, occuring due to the effect of time. Hyaluronic acid in the blood vessels, internal organs, through the skin, and all over the body, is found in abundantquantities in the skin while in infancy; decreases rapidly from the 30s and onwards. Along with the reduction of hyaluronic acid; skin loses its glow, moisture and elasticity.
To increasing the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin, and keeping it in high amounts over time is the main aim of anti-aging vaccination. The skin revitalizes, restructured, naturally moisturizes, collagen and elastin activity increases, and the effects of free radicals reduced. Hyaluronic acid is produced 100% pure, and is used for skin rejuvenation for anti-aging purposes. The treatment is referred to as "youth vaccination" because of the "regeneration" it brings to the skin, and the "recycling" it creates in its tissues.
How Anti-ageing Vaccination is applied?
After local anesthesia made to the region where the injection proccess is to be applied, anti-aging vaccination is performed in 15 to 20 minutes, by applying very fine needles under the skin.
In which regions is Anti-aging Vaccination applied?
Areas with wrinkles and sagging, especially the face, neck, low neck, and back of the hand, and on places where the skin texture begins to loosen is applied.
When does the effect of Anti-aging Vaccination occur?
The effect of the Anti-ageing Vaccination form, especially volume and
upwardly structuring of face occur immediately. Brightness and vitality begin within 7 days, and continue to increase in months. The effect will be longer, if 2 liters of water a day is reached. The wrinkle-opening effect of ACP, appears immediately. IAL starts to affect within 24 hours, he visible effect occurs within 15 days.
What are the innovations in the skin as a result of applying Anti-aging vaccination?
-       Increased skin quality,
-       Decrease of superficial wrinkles,
-       Prevention of the formation of new wrinkles,
-       Reduction of skin blemishes,,
-       Regeneration of faded and worn skin formed by smoking and adverse living conditions is enabled.
What should be regarded after Anti-aging vaccination?
Generally recommended, to drink plenty of water, and if possible reduce the consumption of cigarettes and drinks as much as possible, and to use the products necessary for the protection of the skin from the sun that are determined by the doctor, are the main considerations.

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